1. Significant Others (1993) Maud Sulter. Silver-gelatin print and hand-written chalk.
2. Speeches (2012) Bouchra Khalili. Video Installation. 19.55 mins.
3. Failed Attempt at Crystalization III (2003) Edgar Arceneaux. Glass, sugar crystals, mirror, wood, text book: Alex Hayley 'Roots'.
4. A Declaration (2006) Yael Bartana. Single channel video and sound installation. 7.30 mins.
5. The Way To My Father's Village (1988) Richard Fung. Single channel video. 38 mins.
6. Corolis - On the Planetary Wind Which United Twins (2012) Milja Viita. Three channel video installation. 18mins.
7. The Merchant of Venice (2010) Kiluanji Kia Henda. Digital C-print on Kodak Endura Archive Paper.